Shadowline was founded in 1992 by Jim Valentino who remains its sole owner, president and publisher.

Named after Valentino’s premiere Image character, ShadowHawk, Shadowline quickly established its own publishing identity separate from the rest of the Image Comics line by publishing primarily non-genre, non-super-hero books.

Shadowline was among the first to publish such notables as Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Avon Oeming, Greg Horn, Scott Morse, Jimmie Robinson, Nick Spencer and many, many others.

The company went on hiatus in 1999 when Valentino assumed the position of publisher for the entire Image Comics line. He served in that position until 2004 and changed the face of the company by eschewing the “Image Style” and concentrating on projects of a more diverse nature, including Warren Ellis’ Ministry of Space, Garth Ennis’ The Pro, Robinson and Smith’s Leave It To Chance, Wagner’s Mage, Bendis and Oeming’s Powers, Kirkman’s The Walking Dead and many more.

The company was revitalized in 2005 renewing its commitment to diversity of style and format with titles like Bomb Queen, Parade (With Fireworks), Fractured Fables, Morning Glories, Cowboy Ninja Viking and Green Wake among others.

Recognizing the need for comics for children, Valentino founded Silverline books in 2008. This line of “family friendly” mostly hardcover books were designed to “bridge the gap between graphic novels and storybooks.”

Shadowline remains committed to publishing a diverse line of comics and graphic novels.