Story and cover by Jim Valentino | Art by Jim Valentino and friends
488 pg
Black & White
January 1st, 2010

AN IMAGE UNITED TIE-IN! And timed to precede the launch of ShadowHawk’s new on-going series in May! Collecting Image founder Jim Valentino’s multi-million selling series for the first time between two covers! The return of the vigilante so violent he was at odds with both law enforcement and the underworld!

Collects ShadowHawk #1-4, ShadowHawk II #1-3, ShadowHawk II #1-4, ShadowHawk #12-18, plus excerpts from ShadowHawk Gallery #1 and surprise pin-ups by some of comics’ top talents—including Jeff Smith, Dale Keown, Dave Gibbons, Keith Giffen and many more!