story by Wayne Chinsang/Justin Shady | art & cover by Dwellephant
For Ages 9-12
96 pg
Full Color
December 1st, 2008

You've probably never heard of the Churamane, have you? They were a particularly lazy and not terribly bright species that lived a long time ago and vanished without a trace. This story follows them from the time they get invited aboard Noah's Ark, all the way up to the moment they finally arrive at the boat… only to realize that they're late and have been locked out! They come to realize that they've literally missed the boat on survival, and have doomed their entire species to extinction.

Engagingly written with wonderfully vibrant art this story will delight readers of all ages and, if you're not looking, may even teach a lesson about procrastination and slothfulness.

MISSING THE BOAT is ™ and © Justin Shady & Milan Zori, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Bonus Kid's Activity Sheet!: