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As one of our newest titles RAT QUEENS has met with commercial success (with two sellouts in two issues), we also are pleased to find that it has received critical acclaim from across the spectrum. It has also struck a chord with a varied set of readers and nothing makes us happier. Here is what some of the rave reviews have said:

"It's the portrayal of realistic-looking female characters. Different body types that women see when they look in the mirror, not in Photoshopped ads from fashion magazines. It's clothes that look like they're made from actual cloth rather than form-fitting bodysuits.The comic book industry is expanding. Monthly titles, graphic novels, digital comics -- sales are on the rise across the board, and the needle is moving. And it's in no small part due to us fangirls. It seems like Image was the first to recognize this trend, and are capitalizing on it by allowing more chicks into the mix; both on the creative side of things, and as the main characters of their stories."
CBR's Comics For Girls: Spandex Not Required -

"These women know how to party. They swear, experiment with drugs, talk openly about their sexual misadventures…oh, and they beat the living crap out of everyone in sight. Think Sex & the City meets Lord of the Rings. Yes, it’s that weird. And yes, it’s that awesome."
CBS/Man Cave Daily -

"I mean, not only is the art gorgeous, but never have I ever seen such an incredible cast of women where I wanted to be/hang out with/make out with all of them in their own way. Each of these characters comes out the gate as fully formed characters, each with a distinct personality dripping with backstory."
The Mary Sue -

"Rat Queens is funny, irreverent and bloody. It goes in heavy on wit, and doubly so on charm; the perfect sword and sorcery book for the WoW generation. Do yourself a favor and add these maidens to your weekly pull list."
Capeless Crusader -

"This is a wild, strange, and highly entertaining story, almost mind-bending at times and fun to read throughout. There is a good reason this title sold out on the first printing so quickly…so jump in and join the fun!"
TMStash -

"Rat Queens has got it all: characters you care about; enjoyable team dynamics; a well paced plot; and mythical creatures getting drunk — a lot. Go pick this thing up today. " 5/5
Unleash the Fanboy -

"Get in your car and head down to your local comic book store. Make your way to the counter with the guy that knows way more about comic books than you will ever know in your entire life and grab the front of his shirt. Pull him over the counter until his face is an inch away from yours. Use both arms if necessary. As he squirms in your grip, praying that the glass case supporting him does not fail, say these seven words. 'I want to be a rat queen!'"
Pop Culture Leftovers -

"After finishing the issue I immediately wanted more, not just more issues but just more of everything. The characters, the art, the world, the dialogue etc. it’s all just so damn engaging. This is a series that’s going to shoot to the top of people’s favourite lists. There’s been plenty of quality new series’ launched this year but even among them Rat Queens stands out."
Panels and Pixels -

"Nothing less than a gem of pure, unadulterated fun. Upchurch brings Wiebe’s universe to life. How he manages to maintain a subtly light tone to compliment the script, while also incorporating spectacular illustrations of bloody violence, is beyond me."
Bloody Disgusting -

"I really enjoy [Upchurch's] character designs and especially in the case of the ladies they’re very realistic. I can’t stress enough how refreshing it is in the world of comics to see not just men, but women with their unique body frame; from hips to the shoulders no two characters look-alike."
Comic Bastards -

"If you aren’t reading Rat Queens yet, you’re only doing yourself a disservice. Given the quality of work in every aspect of this book, the sales figures are sure to look good without you! That being said, this really is one of the most perfect comic books to come out in recent memory. This character-driven tale is outrageously funny, while still having an interesting story that has real substance to it." -