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Only Ted McKeever can introduce readers to a world of unleashed craziness and twisted humor but still contain a meaningful message about humanity underneath the insanity. And he does it all with a yellow chicken man and a whole lot of B'gok!


Story & Art by Ted McKeever
Cover by Ted McKeever & Dana Moreshead

120 pages / FC / MATURE READERS

What starts off a meek chicken stuffed with melancholia, turns decidedly steamed, broiling along until it mutates into a body of pure destructive anger.

This is MONDO, the jam-packed 'roid-raging trade, with over 100 pages that combines all three issues of the twisted dark comedy series, plus a plethora of unused art, doodles, and odious stuff that was too unfit to appear in the regular monthly run.

Collects MONDO #1-3