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When Dirk Manning was creating his horror opus, NIGHTMARE WORLD, he turned to quite a number of immensely talented artists of almost every imaginable style. One of those artists was JOSHUA ROSS, who struck up such a great pairing with Manning that the two now work together on the webcomic TALES OF MR. RHEE, a spinoff from the Nightmare World series. We were able to convince Josh to step away from his drawing board long enough to answer these ten questions.

1) Do you do anything different artistically when you know a page is going to the web as opposed to how you would go about doing the work knowing it's going direct to print?

Not really, everything I've drawn for many years has been for an online story always with the hopes of going to print, that at this point I don't really think about it. I've seen how work translates over the years, so I've learn to compensate line weights and such fairly well to be successful in both mediums.

2) Can you describe for us YOUR "Nightmare World"?

Being chased around by Predators and Aliens through playgrounds and jungle gyms.

3) Have you ever received something in a script that made you feel uncomfortable to draw it?

There have been a couple questionable gross moments within Mr. Rhee, but for some reason I kinda enjoy drawing a little of the red stuff from time to time.

4) What is your one possession that you could not do without?

My computer.

5) What is your background in getting you into sequential art?

I've been drawing since I was like two and scribbling on the walls. I've always had a love for comics, animation and concept art. I realized about 12 that animation was too many people and too much work, and with comic books I enjoyed being able to complete a story (art and all) by myself. That creative freedom gave me a life long passion to craft and create through a variety of mediums.

6) Have you seen the true face of Dirk Manning, and does it result in madness much like laying eyes on Cthulhu?

Even worse. It's like staring at the face of a hansome god, filling you with insecurities and questions about life itself, and yet a desire to work and slave away, toiling your life away with the hopes of a faint smile of approval. For some reason though whenever I'm around him I develop a strong craving for Arbys. His madness runs in strange ways.

7) TALES OF MR. RHEE features lots of magic. Do you know any tricks?

You can give me 20 bucks and I can make it disappear.

8) Coffee, tea or something else?

Iced Vanilla Soy Chai. Nothing better in the world.

9) Do you have any artistic influences?

Within the comic and illustration world: Geof Darrow, Mike Mignola, Guy Davis, Jeff Smith, Nic Klein, Scott Wegener, as just a couple.

10) We hear that a robot showed up at your wedding earlier this year. Can you explain this?

What can I say, I've always had a love for robots. There were even robots on the wine bottles and it was a dream come true... other than my beautiful bride actually showing up. One of my co-workers decided that would be his wedding gift, and surprised us with an awesome costume and dance. It was one of the highlights of the night.

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