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(appearing courtesy of THE HERO INITIATIVE TIMES)

For the last few years, the Hero Initiative has raised funds through our “100 Covers” projects. Publishers generously donate blank covers which we send out to 100 artists to draw an original piece on. The covers are assembled into attractive books (all of which are on sale via Hero’s Website!) and then auctioned off. All proceeds give financial aid to creators in need.

I’m proud to announce that the company I helped co-found 20 years ago, Image Comics, has joined fellow publishers Marvel, DC and Archie in contributing to this project. Image and its Skybound Entertainment division will be offering THE WALKING DEAD 100 for Hero’s latest “100 Cover” project.

The Walking Dead is one of the most successful books in Image’s history. It has inspired a hit television show and issue 100 was the best selling book of the year (if not the best selling book of the last ten years!).

Already signed up to create original covers are Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman (yes, he’s going to draw a cover!), Fiona Staples, Arthur Suydam, Kevin Eastman, Tim Seeley, Dan Brereton, Jim Calafiore, Ted McKeever, Charlie Adlard and a host of others!

The Hero Initiative would like to thank Robert Kirkman and everyone at Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment for their generosity in contributing to this worthwhile endeavor, and, of course, all participating artists.

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-Jim Valentino
Image Universe