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Odds are, you may not know who KELLY TINDALL is unless you read farther down into the credits of comics, past the names of the writers and artists into the land of colorists and letterers and *shudder* Editors. But without people like Kelly, the comic books you read would be nothing more than coloring books that were already finished before you got a chance to pick up your crayons. That's why we made sure to focus this week's 10 Questions segment on someone as well-rounded and important to what we all do as Kelly.

1) You write comics, you're an artist and you're the letterer on GREEN WAKE: Is there anything you can't do when it comes to comics?

Thank you for the kind words, but the phrase 'jack of all trades, master of none' always make me think it's a mixed blessing! Professionally, I've done everything except edit. It's an invaluable skill set if you want to work in comics today.

2) It's also of note that you teach a class in your hometown on story-telling technique. What is the most difficult thing to get across to beginners?

How to move the reader's eye around the page (i.e. storytelling). Also, the importance of finishing something; any chump can start.

3) What is the biggest mistake writers make when it comes to a letterer's job? What about artists?

For writers, it's when they squeeze too much dialogue per speech bubble or caption. For artists it's when they forget that the first speaker goes on the left, the second on the right. Both are just nitpicks, really.

4) Are you into any videogames at the moment?

I slowly carved my way through Batman: Arkham Asylum and Tales of Monkey Island in the last few months. On to God of War 3 and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, which should take the rest of the year (at least).

5) You supplied artwork for the short story collection "Machine of Death." What do you think would be on your MoD slip of paper if there existed such a device?


6) What do you do to vent anger or frustration?

I'm a very chill person, but sometimes I need to take a walk around the block or drink a rum & Coke.

7) Do you have any Graphic Designer horror stories you can share without naming names?

How about..."I met with the committee and they want the logo to have seven women, each of them showing an aspect of a mother's life. They should be very detailed. Can we get it tomorrow?"

8) Do you have a daily routine?

I'm a stay-at-home dad as well as a cartoonist, so the mornings are spent feeding/clothing/changing my daughter and working while she's napping. I typically work at night after my wife gets home, too, but I always try to be in bed before midnight.

9) You are yet another one of the Canadian comic book creators who has made a splash with Shadowline. Admit it, there's some sort of collective of your countrymen determined to take over the industry, right?

"There is no conspiracy for The Canadian Comic-Book Collective (T3C) to take over the comic-book industry. This message was brought to you by The Canadian Comic-Book Collective (T3C)."

10) GREEN WAKE is a comic deeply rooted in horror. Do you have any fears or phobias?

As loathe as I am to publicly reveal my weaknesses, I am not particularly fond of spiders.

Well, considering what we've seen so far, at least he didn't say he's afraid of frogs. GREEN WAKE #6 kicks off a new story arc this Wednesday.