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Infinite Vacation

Infinite Vacation's psychadelic artist extraordinaire CHRISTIAN WARD helps us launch our newest feature here on Every Friday you can count on 10 Questions being answered by your favorite Shadowline creators.

1) How did you come about working with Nick Spencer on Infinite Vacation?
We both had our debut books released from Image at the same time (Olympus and Existence 2.0), so it was a kind of natural thing for us to reach out and wish each other good luck. But it was meeting at SDCC that year where we realized we had a similar way of thinking and approaching a story. From then we'd kept in touch batting ideas between us, then Nick got the idea for Infinite Vacation and it just clicked.

2) Do you have any artistic role models or influences?
When it comes to inspiration, I find it best to ignore it. I want the work to be mine, warts and all, and often when I do admire an artist it's because they can do something I can't. That's not to say I live in a bubble, I'd just rather any influence be natural and unconscious rather than contrived. Having said all that, my favorite comic artist is Frank Quitely and it's hard not to sit up and take notice at his story telling.

3) Similar to the basis of Infinite Vacation, are there any particular moments in your own life where you would purchase an alternate version of yourself that has experienced a different outcome?
No. We are the sum of our parts, good and bad. Where would I be and who would I be without my regret?

4) What was your reaction to reading the scripts to Infinite Vacation and discovering that some of the pages would be done in a Fumetti (photo comic) style?
The photo section was Nick's idea, Kendall, the photographer, is an old friend of his but weirdly when I read the script I actually had a similar thought. It seemed to lend itself to a division of styles. I'm really happy with the way it worked out.

5) Would you rather be a modern-day Olympian or live in a world where Infinite Vacation is a reality?
I think I'd rather choose the simpler life of Olympian, as long as I don't have to work out. Olympians can have pot bellies right?

6) Fancy a pint?
A nice coffee would be great ta.

7) What comics are you reading now?
I'm loving Uncanny X Force, Atomic Robo, Detective Comics, Butcher Baker, The Sixth Gun, Batman Incorporated, Locke and Key and Who Is Jake Ellis.

8) Who has better fashion or Nick Spencer?
I have no idea. You'd have to ask the ladies.

9) What has been your reaction to the success of Infinite Vacation?
We knew it was good. It's a cracking story, but honestly I wasn't expecting so many people to love the art as much as they did. Olympus was a kind of love it or hate it affair. So it's been great but fairly bewildering.

10) What does the future hold for Mr. Christian Ward?
I have another Image book with a very well known comic book writer which will be my first stab at superheroes. I'm also currently writing my first self penned mini series which is a kind of psychedelic mash up thriller about the nature of fame.

The second printing of the second issue of Infinite Vacation came out this past Wednesday.