Story by Trudy Cooper and Danny Murphy | Art and Cover by Trudy Cooper
148 pg
Black & White
March 1st, 2009

Platinum Grit Chapters 1–5, in which the fearless Nils and the timid-but-still-surprisingly-together Jeremy take on the Zodiac (they win); Jer's insane Scottish relatives (they sort of win); a 1940s private dick (they draw when poor light stops play); and two sets of alien matchmakers (they… almost).

Rated PG: Contains Humour, Moderate Scots Accents and Implicit Sex. [And some paranormal nudity, though obviously not enough.] Purchasers must be accompanied by an adult.

Catch the ongoing webcomic on, which starts with Chapter 6!

PLATINUM GRIT is ™ and © Trudy Cooper and Danny Murphy, 2009. All Rights Reserved.