Story by Wayne Chinsang and Justin Shady Art & Cover by Erik Rose
144 pg
Black & White
February 1st, 2009

The Boston Strangler and the Zodiac Killer are alive and well, living amongst the old and dying of The Shady Lane Retirement Center. Surrounded by bingo tournaments and tea times, these two notorious serial killers quietly trade "war stories" about their golden years, two seemingly parallel pasts filled with violence and victims. But while friendly on the outside, they’re both masters at deception. And when one of them comes clean with a secret, the other struggles internally about… murder!

Collects both critically acclaimed 48-page issues, as well as 48 pages of extras, including back-and-forth correspondence between the author and serial killers Richard Ramirez and Charles Manson… plus much more!

“The Roberts” is TM and © Wayne Chinsang, Justin Shady & Erik Rose 2009. All rights reserved.