Shadowline Submission Guidelines

(We are not currently accepting at Silverline submissions.)

1. NO projects that have already been submitted to Image Central.
- Shadowline is NOT a back-door into Image. If IC has rejected you, we will too.

2. We prefer 4 to 5-issue mini-series, in order keep our lineup rotating. OGNs will also be considered but but are far less likely to be approved, especially for newcomers.

3. We want books that are DIFFERENT from what we are already publishing.
- There is no specific genre that we are looking for, originality counts. The caveat is that we have to perceive that there's an
audience for the book.

4. Send us 5 fully completed pages, and a cover. Include a BRIEF, ONE PARAGRAPH synopsis of what your story is about.
- pages CAN be, but don't NEED to be colored. They DO need to be inked and lettered.

5. Absolutely NO pitches on the message boards! All posted pitches will be deleted.

6. E-mail all pitches to Include your name and e-mail address along with your synopsis and pages (jpeg attachments only please! This means NO LINKS OR PDF'S!!).

That's it. That's all you need to know. Follow these guidelines and you should have no questions, and no problems!

Please be warned inability to follow directions will get your submission disqualified immediately (you are already telling us you don't play well with others)! If you CAN'T follow these guidelines, then don't submit!